Improve your World Golf Tour game with Free WGT 'Putter Pal like' Ruler and dynamic Shot Calculator.


Playing golf on WGT? Having a bad karma? Give Swingmate a shot.


Swingmate. Huh?

Why do people hate (or love) playing golf on World Golf Tour? NO RULER. Imagine driving a car without any gauge, or reading a book without page numbers.

Every time we try to hit the ball, our instinct tell us it's a simple math, distance divided by club. Why not include a calculator to eliminate guessing? So we could spend more time to focus on the "ding".

That was how Swingmate born. Simple idea, but it end up improve our overall games, A LOT.


Swingmate requires Adobe AIR running on Mac or Windows. Install Adobe Air, or visit Adobe Air Tech Specs for system requirements and more info.


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Spread the Word

Please help us out by posting this page on your social networks. The more player using Swingmate, the better our development experiences will be.


Dynamic Ruler

We've built two ruler. One for approach, another one for putt. Match swingmate size to fit your window or screen with resize feature.

Shot Calculator

Swingmate will help you to calculate shot power needed, so you could swing more precisely. If a ruler is all you need, you can always get rid of it.

Slick Experience

Swingmate's simple interface is easy to use. It's minimal design blended in well with WGT screen, without distracting you from it.


Saved Distance

Quickly jump from club to club distance by 10 configurable buttons. 7 for approach and 3 for putt distance.

Mac & Windows

It works on both Mac and Windows operating platform, so anyone can use it!

Completely Free

No lite or full version. No ads. No in-app purchase. No hidden charges. No trials version. Never expired. Hooray!

Tips & FAQs

Believe in your senses.

You can use Swingmate as a starting point, but you’ll still have to do all the hard work of reading the green and clicking the ding yourself. Don't use it unless it makes senses.


Tweak it first.

Experiment by playing CTTH (Close To The Hole). Write a notes on Clubs, Balls, Distance, Ball Lie, Slope, Break, etc. Create your own formula for added Yardage & Modifier (mod) value. For example, a full backspin on standard ball with my current iron set, should be compensated with +4 mod, or +2 mod on my wedges.


Is it Legal?

We believe so. It doesn’t modify or change how WGT apps run. It doesn't interfere any files, transmission, nor providing auto clicker. Simply put, digital ruler and calculator, combined.


Is it Cheating?

It depends. If you're playing a game or a tournament with no tools rules (including calculator), definitely you're cheating. And if you're having a game with a friend, be sure to told them first that you're using swingmate.


How Swingmate calculate wind formula?

Read this thread first on WGT forums Wind strengths and distance chart by DarSum. Swingmate use 0.58 as a constant on its formula, with tail wind as default input value. So, for a head wind use negative sign "-". Don't forget to compensate on wind direction. For example, a 30 degree 20mph head wind should be considered as 6mph or 7mph head wind ((30/90) * 20), or -6/-7 on Swingmate. Again, experiment with your current clubs & balls combination.


How Swingmate calculate putt formula?

Swingmate Putt Calculator based on a thread from WGT forums A Reliable Putting Distance Formula by bisaacs196. Consider to read it first. By default, Swingmate will adjust putting distance by 2 feets, but you can always change it on preferences. Quoting from the thread "This takes PRACTICE! But mastering this formula will guarantee that you'll almost never three-putt a green again." Common mistake we've made was over/under powered club on Swingmate. Be warned, or you'll have to add 1 or 2 putt more.


Any bunker advice?

Visit this thread Bunker to pin advice by Pottluck on WGT Forum. For the sake of simplicity, we wrote a shorter version below. Please do remember, your new distance would be combined distance (yards) and elevation (feet are added as yards, not converted into yards).

    20% SAND
  • > 35 yds, Elevation > 6ft +3yds.
  • > 35 yds, Elevation < 6ft +4 yds.
  • < 35 yds, Elevation > 5ft +4 yds.
  • < 35 yds, Elevation < 5ft +4/5 yds.

    40% SAND
  • 20-30 yds, +12 yds.
  • 30-40 yds, +11 yds.
  • 40-45 yds, +10 yds.
  • > 45 yds, +9 yds.

    60% SAND
  • < 30 yds, +16 yds.
  • 30-40 yds, +17 yds.
  • 40-50 yds, +18 yds.
  • > 50 yds, +19 yds.


HELLPP!! Where is the Manual?

The interface is the user guide. Play with it for a while, it won't break or do any damage to your computer.


Something wrong with my Swingmate.

Smash your head against the keyboard, restart Swingmate by simply close and open it again. Usually it works. But if it doesn't try to update your Adobe Air, or write us some mail.